Buying Real Estate in Athens, Alabama

Looking to buy a house?

Your looking to buy a house? Unfortunately, it is a complex matter. No two properties or transactions are ever alike. In this maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing and negotiating, it makes sense to work with a professional that actively knows the community and its market. Carla is one of those professionals. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or entering the market as a repeat buyer, real estate transactions can be a stressful and confusing process because of the ever changing laws and market. She strives to always make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

My Commitment to you

  • Never rush or push you into buying a certain house.
  • To LISTEN to you
  • Tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.
  • Always return your calls.
  • Fight for your best interests.
  • Be with you through every step of the home buying process
  • Always give you full attention during showings and meetings.

The Process

A glimpse into the process:

  1. Lenders and Loans – I always urge my clients to talk to a mortgage lender as soon as they decide they are interested in purchasing a home. A mortgage professional will advise you with things like: possible out of pocket expenses based on your specific circumstance, the need to clean up your credit before you will be able to obtain a loan and the amount you will be eligible to borrow for your purchase. It is always easier to move forward with a purchase offer when you have an approval letter in hand from a mortgage lender.

  2. The perfect home for you – We will discuss what you want and need in a home. And make the arrangements for any viewings you wish to schedule.

  3. Expected cost when buying

    • Earnest money deposit – This is the money you put down on the home you buy a house. Typically between $200_$1000 depending on purchase price of the home. Its purpose is to show good faith and seriousness of an offer to the seller. It will be held in an Escrow account belonging to Dream Key Real Estate until closing. At which time it will be either refunded to you or applied to you closing costs.

    • Closing Costs – This is the amount of money the bank/lender requires you to bring to closing. (There are loans that are 0% down as well as the seller paying your closing cost) Closing cost typically includes attorney fees, taxes, home owners insurance and etc.

    • Home inspection – I always recommend my clients to purchase a home inspection before closing on a home.

    • Home Warranty – A home warranty is very beneficial when purchasing a home as you will be covered on appliances as well as other amenities for at least a year after purchase. Some sellers offer a home warranty up front while others will pay for it if asked. If the seller refuses to pay for it, I still advise my clients to purchase one.

  4. Putting in the offer – Once we have found the home that you wish to call home we will need to put in an offer. As your Realtor, I will do a Comparative market Analysis (CMA) to determine where a reasonable offer will stand. From there we will sit down and decide on an offer that you feel comfortable with. The offer will include your preapproval letter as well as a copy of your earnest money check.

  5. The Negotiation process – once your offer is submitted the seller has 3 choices:

    • Accept

    • Counter

    • Decline

If countered, this can be a long process and can go back and forth several times before a price and conditions is accepted by all parties. I will be there with you to guide you through each step and always keep you informed.

  1. Home Inspection – We live in a “Buyer Beware State” the burden is one you, as the buyer, to determine and find any defects in the home prior to purchase. I ALWAYS recommend getting a home inspection. If there are any minor defects or repairs to be made we will fill out the appropriate paperwork and ask the seller to make said repairs. Sometimes the seller may refuse. We will need to make decisions about continuing with the purchase or to pursue other avenues.

  2. Final Walkthrough – Before closing we will revisit the home to make certain that any repairs have been made and no changes have been made to the property.

  3. Closing time – We will meet at the chosen attorney’s office where a mountain of paperwork will be signed and you will leave a proud new home owner.

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